The Zero Gravity Float Room is a sensory deprivation tank, also known as a float room, floatation tank, or isolation tank.

The Zero Gravity Float Room body is manufactured from high strength fiberglass and has a durable gel coat finish inside and out. The float room body is outfitted with an entry door to allow the user easy, safe, comfortable access. The large, luxury scale of our float rooms (6’W x 8’L x 7’H) is ideal for commercial use where claustrophobia or feeling too “closed in” may be a concern.

Zero Gravity Float Rooms are the most technologically advanced float rooms available and are designed for many years of exceptional performance in busy, high traffic, commercial floating operations. We designed our system with user safety, ease of operation and float center profitability in mind. The key is in our state of the art automation panel and touch screen interface, the “brains” of our floatation system.

The automation system runs each floatation session in one of two ways:

1.     The user may choose one of the “factory programmed” sessions. These are either 60 or 90 minute sessions with pre programmed schedules for lighting/music “fade out” at the start of the session and light/music “fade in” at the end of the session. These sessions are easily reprogrammed by the center operator to fit specific float center requirements.

2.     Alternately, the user may choose to build a “custom session” wherein session length, solution temperature, lights and music are each programmed to suit the unique requirements of an individual user. This provides ultimate control and flexibility via an easy to operate touch screen interface.


Behind the scenes, the automation system is working hard to ensure that the highest levels of maintenance and sanitation are achieved:

1.     Solution temperature is critical to the floatation experience. The solution temperature is precisely controlled and maintained by the automation system, which is sensitive to changes as slight as 1/100th of a degree.

2.     Filtration cycles are started automatically after each session. Pump speed and duration (flow rate) are easily programmed to meet U.S. float tank standards or individual health dept. requirements.

3.     An automatic dosing system adds precisely measured amounts of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) at the start of each filtration cycle. This maintains accurate ORP (oxidation reduction potential) levels and ensures crystal clear, clean and safe solution for each new user. This also eliminates waste and helps save money by avoiding accidental or unnecessary “overdosing”.

4.     Separate, additional maintenance modes can be programmed to provide extra filtration cycles at the opening and closing of the business day.

5.     Programmable "Sleep" and "Idle" modes automatically circulate the solution even when the tank is unused for long periods (i.e. overnight, holidays)

6. UL Listed


Data collection is critical for safe and efficient operations. The computer controlled system excels at collecting and storing data pertaining to all parts of the floatation system.  Levels and usage times can be monitored via the touch screen interface in either a simple “parameter” mode or an easy to read “trends chart” where changes in levels and usage can be seen over time.


The U.S. float tank standard requires that commercial float center operators maintain a written log of levels, usage and maintenance with a minimum once daily log entry. The resolution of the “trends chart” can be programmed to capture and display new readings as often as every one minute. The system will automatically generate a virtual log (or XL spreed sheet) which can be exported and emailed to the center operator. Additionally (and most importantly) the system alerts the center operator any time a particular maintenance threshold is passed, via an alert banner on the touch screen interface and an optional email alert. The system monitors and logs the following:

1.     Solution Life – how many hours the solution has been in service since it was last changed.

2.     Pump Run Time – how many total hours the pump has run filtration cycles.

3.     UV Bulb Life – how many hours since the UV bulb was last replaced.

4.     Filter Run Time – how many hours the filter has been in service since it was last cleaned/replaced.

5.     Temperature - via built in temperature probe.

6.     PH – levels are taken with a hand held probe and transferred to the log via the touchscreen or the Wifi connected ipad/tablet .

7.     ORP – oxidation, reduction potential levels are taken with a hand held probe and transferred to the log via the touchscreen or the Wifi connected ipad/tablet.

8.     Salinity – specific gravity readings are taken with a hydrometer and transferred to the log via the touchscreen or the Wifi connected ipad/tablet.


Zero Gravity Float Rooms are designed for safety and comfort:

1.     Interior and exterior lighting systems are easily activated by the float room user from inside the enclosure, via a non-electric air button. When the light is activated inside the float room, an exterior light is also activated providing a safe exit should the user desire to leave the float room before the session has officially ended.

2.     An emergency alert system is easily activated by the float room user from inside the enclosure, via a non-electric air button. When activated, a visual and audible alarm is registered at the ipad/tablet, alerting center operator that assistance is needed in the float room.

3.     All lighting/alarm systems are low voltage (12V DC)

4.     Zero Gravity Float Rooms are equipped with 48” ADA approved safety grab bars inside and out.

5.     Wide doors and low thresholds provide easy, comfortable access for those with impaired mobility.


Wifi connectivity provides real time session programming and monitoring of session progress from your iPad or tablet. Monitoring includes:

1.     Session time countdown – hours : minutes : seconds

2.     Time of day the session will end - hours : minutes : seconds

3.     Filtration time countdown (low and high speed) - hours : minutes : seconds

4.     Time of day the filtration cycle will end - hours : minutes : seconds

5.     Lighting system status

6.     Alarm system status

7.     Solution Temperature


Additional Specifications:

The Zero Gravity Float Room is equipped with:

Ø  Interior lighting system 12v DC

Ø  Exterior LED lighting system 12v DC

Ø  Interior light button – air button

Ø  Interior emergency button – air button

Ø  Safety grab bars (36” ADA rated) inside and out

Ø  Transducer speakers x4 15w RMS 30 w Peak

Ø  Strip skimmers 9” x2

Ø  Return fittings x2

Ø  Temperature probe 4-20mA

Ø  Heating elements side mounted x2- 350w   99.0 degree max

Ø  Heating elements top mounted x2   - 200w   90.0 degree max


The Zero Gravity Float Room filtration pack consists of:

Ø  Pump with pre filter basket - PENTAIR SUPER FLO PUMP 110/230v VS PUMP VAR SPEED W/ TIMER

Ø  100 SF Filter – PENTAIR CLEAN & CLEAR RP 100

Ø  UV sterilization unit – DELTA D80 UV –  110Volt, 100Watt, 1.4Amp, 110gpm

Ø  Programmable automatic H2O2 dosing system


The Zero Gravity Float Room Automation System consists of:

Ø  HMI touch screen interface

Ø  Computer controlled automation panel– UL listed


Ø  Power conditioners

Ø  Light system dimmer

Ø  Integrated MP3 Player

Ø  25W audio amplifier

Ø  Sound system fader

Ø  Heater system relays

Ø  Temperature sensor

Ø  Wireless router

Ø  Wifi connectivity for remote control